New Short Film: “Drive-by”

Recently, I shot some cool HD footage out of the window of a moving car in Downtown Sudbury. I used a friend’s Canon Rebel T2i and the video turned out alright, albeit shaky. The onboard stabilizer doesn’t offer much when you’re in a vehicle with 16 year-old suspension that hasn’t been tuned in, well, ever.

Moral of the story: I brought the footage into After Effects CS5 and started to play around with the colour channels, levels, brightness/contrast, etc. I narrowed the aspect ratio down to 1920 x 660 to give it a nice cinematic feel and cut it together with some of my original music.

Here’s what came out:

It’s just a preview. I plan to cut a longer 4-5 minute short over the next couple of weeks and release it under my new film label, Vanity Pictures. I keep telling people that Sudbury looks kinda sexy as long as it has the right post-production.


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