Poster Design: “Down Dangerous Passes Road”

Client: Encore Theatre Company
Event: “Down Dangerous Passes Road” (Spring Mainstage 2012)
Type: One-sheet/theatre production
Dimensions: Tabloid 11″x17″
Graphics: Photoshop CS5
Photographer: Brittany McNamara

This is the official one-sheet for the Encore Theatre Company’s debut mainstage production, “Down Dangerous Passes Road” by Michel Marc Bouchard.

The play takes place in the aftermath of three brothers emerging from a car crash on a deserted country road. However, the decision was made to make any images of the crash off the poster to keep it ambiguous. Brittany McNamara took the photograph  featured on the poster.

The title graphic is meant to invoke a stenciled road sign. The colour used for the graphic is called “Encore Blue” and is the official colour of the Encore Theatre Company.

After the production’s January opening was delayed to April, a new poster was created to reflect the new show dates.

It was done in black and white to reduce printing costs. I actually prefer this version to the original – it has a cleaner and less cluttered look to it.


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