My Response to Your Response to “Theatre School”

I have been completely overwhelmed by the response to “Things I Wish I Had Been Told When I Was in Theatre School”. The post has been read by over 120,000 people across North America and elsewhere (even reaching as far as Australia) and has been tweeted, retweeted, reblogged, and reposted on a scale that I can only describe as freaky.

I’m never gone viral before so forgive me if I’m a little giddy.

Anyways, in light of your response to the post, I thought I would take the opportunity to discuss it a bit and to elaborate a little more on what persuing a career as an actor means to me.


And yes, there is a cat in the background periodically. Her name is Scarlett. She is adorable.

Read the original post here:
Twitter: @CallamRodya


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