Pat the Dog asked. I answered.


Pat the Dog Playwright Centre, the sole embryonic dramaturgical company in Ontario open to playwrights at all stages of their career, asked me to share my thoughts on plays, playwrighting, and script selection from the director’s point of view for their website.

They seem to think I know what I’m talking about.

Although I am an artistic director, I haven’t been at this long so my views should be taken as my own personal musings on what makes a good play. This is not a formula, or a guideline, or an edict by any means. Playwrighting, like all echelons of theatre, is a personal and individual process. There is no “right” way. Only your way.

I love Pat the Dog. I love the work they do. I love that they have taken a keen interest in my neck of the woods. And I love that they are fostering Canadian playwrights at every stage of professional establishment.

Mark my words, the next major generation of Canadian stage scribes will emerge from this company.

I, as well as anyone, know how important it is to have someone in your corner when you’re trying to break into the industry, whatever your particular practice may be. Pat the Dog is providing its playwrights with a springboard into the industry and an approach to the work that can only be described as heavenly. Follow them and what they do. They are an essential component of our Canadian theatre ecosystem.

Anyways, my meandering contribution to the PTD website can be found here. Read it if you’re so inclined and let the debate begin!


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