“Revisions” to screen at Cinefest 2013

Me and my pal Ryan Demers in "Revisions". Photo courtesy of Motion Arc Studios.

Me and my pal Ryan Demers in “Revisions”. Photo courtesy of Motion Arc Studios.

Update: “Revisions” is scheduled to screen on Saturday, Sept. 21 at 2 p.m. at SilverCity Sudbury. Details and tickets here: http://prod3.agileticketing.net/websales/pages/info.aspx?evtinfo=64091~c6d97610-dc3b-4fc7-a702-180dd2afd114&

“Revisions”, the short film I worked on back in mid-March has been selected to screen at Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival in September as part of the Northern Connections series.

The festival is now recognized as the fifth largest in Canada (after TIFF and the other three) so we’re all very excited.

“Revisions” is a touching and often funny short, written by Shawn McLaren, about two best friends (myself and my dear buddy Ryan Demers), who have grown apart over their mutual love of the same woman. They are reunited in order to put on a play about their now deceased love, but they each prefer to imprint their own memory of past events on the production.

The film also features Ricky Watts, Andrea Solski, and Deven Stillar.

The project, directed by the very talented Mathieu Seguin and produced by Motion Arc Studios, was conceived, developed, and shot within the same week and is a true testament to the talent and creativity that exists in this community.

No date has officially been set for the screening but we know it will be sometime during the Festival’s September 14-22 schedule.


Directed by Mathieu Seguin
Written by Shawn McLaren
Story by David Lebrun
Produced by Mathieu Seguin, Mark Richards, and Callam Rodya
Starring Ryan Demers, Callam Rodya, Ricky Watts, Andrea Solski, and Deven Stillar
Camera Operator: Justin Lamothe

Audio: Mark Richards
Score: Justine Giles
1st AD: Pierre Bonhomme
Continuity: Emma Hockney
Makeup + Wardrobe: Bonnie Brown
Production Assistant + Additional Makeup: Nat Lalonde
Grip: Nolan Popplewell
Craft: Josee Robert

More details on IMDb.


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