A Note on Miley Cyrus (and other scapegoats)


All due respect to our PC, faux-modest, alarmist society, but Miley Cyrus is simply giving us what we were all secretly asking for when she turned 18.

It is unjust to publicly vilify her without us all sharing in some of the blame.

We don’t need another scapegoat to hang our cultural ills upon. We need some mass introspection.

Those in the media, particularly those in entertainment,  will tell you that the prime directive behind creating new content or product (and entertainers, like all commodities, are ultimately product) is not finding the fresh new thing and hoping it works. It is much more centred on surveying the culture, pinpointing what its wants are (whether overt or subversive) and feeding that thing back to it.

Our society is more sexualized today, or at least more provocatively so, than ever before. But it’s not because some marketing geniuses discovered breasts over Chinese food at a late-night pitch meeting. It’s because we want more breasts.

The one constant about media content of any kind is that as soon as something ceases to be effective, it gets dropped. The entertainment industry does not spend hundreds of millions of dollars on product that has a 25% chance of engaging its audience. There is a very sophisticated machine behind all of this and it doesn’t take many chances.

Trust me, the second we all stop wanting Miley to show us her breasts, the second she stops trying to.


2 thoughts on “A Note on Miley Cyrus (and other scapegoats)

  1. Actually that is not at all what the gate receipts show! It may be what sections of the media world and entertainment world want you to believe—but when the accountants get to it, the proof isn’t in the books!

    The sad thing is her inability to realize it is who –she is–not the shape of her breasts is what will keep her in the game!

    And–it is rather interesting that those in the industry who carry the broadcast feed made it abundantly clear that they will go to dead-air if she were to pull an “all-naked” stunt. The culture is the scapegoat! Besides–why do people of all ages have to have her issues foisted on us?

    It is also interesting that both Elton John and Sinead called her on it! Talking about putting women back about 40 years–and all because Cyrus has a hang-up about her role in a more innocent story!

    Chris Plummer did exactly the same thing years back after The Sound of Music scored big!

    This is a young woman who is merely exploitive, and what’s more she’s not the first nor will she the last! But once age does its inevitable turn on those buttocks and that face and those breasts–the bigger question will be–will her artistry last?

    On that the jury is out.

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