Short Film: “The Girl in the Red Coat”

This week, I received a brand new Rokinon CINE 35mm prime lens in the mail.


At T1.5, it’s a very fast, very affordable ($620 all-in) cinema lens with a de-clicked aperture ring and a 0.8 pitch geared focus ring (ready-made for a follow focus).

It’s part of Rokinon’s popular line of cinematic lens ranging (in Canada) from about $350 – $750 depending on the focal length.

The biggest perk of the lens is its performance in low-light, so naturally that was the first thing I wanted to test out.

So, despite a pretty good snowstorm, I draped a ziplock bag over my camera + lens, attached it to my new Kamerar rig, and took my girlfriend (and actress) Jocelyn out for a walk in surprisingly cinematic Downtown Sudbury at around 10 p.m. last night.


I give you “The Girl in the Red Coat”…


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