VIDEO: House of Cards – Sudbury Edition

Besides being physically addicted to Netflix’s “House of Cards” (watch count: Season One x 5, Season Two x 2.5), it’s also the only series I watch that I NEVER skip through the opening titles.

So, as an excuse to shoot some cool nighttime B-Roll, here’s my own tribute to the series and, in particular, to Jeff Beal’s endlessly listenable theme music.


No, it’s not time-lapse. But I’m working on that…

Filmed in Downtown Sudbury, ON.

Shot on Canon EOS Rebel T3i w/ Rokinon CINE 35 MM T1.5

Post in Final Cut Pro X

“House of Cards” Theme by Jeff Beal.


6 thoughts on “VIDEO: House of Cards – Sudbury Edition

  1. as an ex-Sudburian (is there even such a person?) I must say “BRAVO!” this is wonderful. PS: I have no idea where Broadway St is.)

    1. The name “Broadway Onramp” would be more appropriate. It’s literally a 100m stretch of guardrail that connects Brady Street to Riverside Drive. We’re a glamourous town…

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