#ItMightBeSpring / An HDR Photo Series


UPDATE: #ItMightBeSpring was recently featured on CTV News. READ MORE…

Where I live (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada), winter isn’t so much a season as it is a relentless assault on the collective mental health of the community.

This year in particular was notably nasty and my own sanity was certainly put to the test.

As such, when the May Long Weekend (Victoria Day here in the True North) finally rolls around and we finally catch a glimpse of what looks like spring, we all go a little nuts (shorts, drinks, patios, BBQ, fires, drinks, flip-flops, drinks, fireworks, etc.)

I bought my new Canon DSLR back in November when winter was already in its “Shock and Awe” phase and, let me tell you, up here, winter isn’t so picturesque.

So when spring began to rear its head, I took it as an opportunity to shoot this series of HDR photographs in and around the downtown.

Sudbury looks a lot better without mile-high snowbanks and barren trees.

For the uninitiated, HDR stands for “high dynamic range”. An HDR photograph is actually three photographs in one. You set your ISO and your aperture and then take three shots in rapid succession: one at your chosen settings, one underexposed, and one overexposed, generally with the equivalent of two f-stops between them.

You then import those three frames into Photoshop (or whatever) which uses some fancy algorithm to combine them into one.

You then tweak a bunch of variables and voila!

What you’re left with is a photo that includes the rich detail of the shadows and the subtle accents in the highlights without either being underexposed or blown out, while maintaining sharp mid-range depth.

These photographs have a distinctly surreal look which I love and you can exploit that by pushing the variables further and further.

Check out the gallery and comment if you like.

And of course, enjoy your spring!

Shot on Canon EOS Rebel T3i w/ 18-55 IS lens. Rendered in Photoshop.


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