#ItMightBeSpring Featured on CTV News


The #ItMightBeSpring photo series (view the original post + gallery HERE) was recently featured on CTV News.

I was surprised to get the call from reporter Gord Nicholls wanting to do the story. After I posted those photos, I didn’t think much more of them, frankly.

But it was fun to meet the CTV crew downtown at the corner of Elgin & Durham and shoot this thing.

I even got a chance to act a little as they wanted some B-Roll of me walking down the street snapping some shots (none of which ended up being any good, except for the above shot of the cameraman).



A big thanks to Gord and CTV for taking an interest in the work!

Now that there’s a bit of buzz out there around the #ItMightBeSpring series, I’m considering turning them into postcards/greetings cards/etc. and see if I can sell a few through some downtown vendors.



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