A Scene from “Apollo 13”

I took some time away from a big post-production project (more on that to come…) to film a short monologue from what is still my favourite film of all time, Apollo 13, directed by the great Ron Howard.

If you haven’t seen the film, 1. what is wrong with you? and 2. watch it! watch it now!

To give the scene some context, the character, Ken Matingly, who was slated to be the pilot of the Apollo 13 mission, has just been told that he will not be going into space after potentially being exposed to the measles two days before the launch (true story).

In the end, he never develops measles but, from the ground, helps return the crippled spacecraft back to Earth safely.

This piece was originally performed by Gary Sinise and was written by William Boyles, Jr. and Al Reinhert. Music by James Horner.

Sorry about the crappy audio. Not my forte…


Shot on Canon EOS Rebel T3i w/ 18-55mm IS lens.
Post in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.
Titling in Final Cut Pro X


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