Israel: A Photographic Journey {Part IV | Akka}

With this latest instalment, I have dropped “Haifa” from the title (and will go back and do the same for the three previous posts) as I’m finding we’re exploring much more outside of Haifa than I originally thought.

Most of these photos were taken in the city of Akka, now officially called Acre, across the bay from Haifa and still very much on the Mediterranean Sea (as you will see).

Akka has a long and troubled history. During the Crusades, it was used as a staging area for advancing armies and was strategically important for transporting supplies.

Later, while under Ottoman rule, the city came under attack from Napoleon’s army. But due to the loss of his large canons in an earlier Battle, Napoleon had only small munitions and canons. The attack was repelled and many canons that did land within the city can be seen on display near the sea wall.

Later still, Palestine (as it was known before the creation of the State of Israel), was a British Protectorate. The Empire faced a revolt from the Arabs, forcing the British to create in effect a prison city within Akka.

Most significant for the Baha’is during all of this history was the imprisonment of the prophet Baha’u’llah for nine years during the Ottoman rule, spending two isolated in the Citadel prison.

We visited his prison cell where he was kept in. That was real. But more on that, perhaps at another time.

The Baha’i Holy Family was eventually released and lived in Akka for many years after that and number of buildings remain that housed them.

Please, friends, correct any inaccurate historical descriptions I made above below in the comments.

Most of these photos are of Akka, the prison, and the House of Abbud. Some still are back in Israel, focusing away from the Baha’i World Centre and on the urban environment.

Tomorrow, I return to Akka. Let’s see what I missed…

If you enjoy the photos, please spread the beauty on Facebook and Twitter and particularly to to Friends who aren’t able to go on pilgrimage to see for themseles.

Enjoy, friends.


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