Israel: A Photographic Journey {Part V | Return to Akka}

Yesterday, my dad and I returned to Acre, or “Akka” as it was formerly known when it was a prison city during the Ottoman Empire (read more about the history here in Part IV).

It was an unscheduled trip, with no program or itinerary, so we were free to wander simply as tourists.

We explored a sprawling market buried in the heart of the Old City, ate the most magical food, and waded in the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s an incredible place. Despite it’s dark history, there’s a great vibrancy about the city. Jews and Muslims are seemingly living amongst each other happily and peacefully, the streets are bustling, and the sights are breathtaking.

Here is another assortment of shots from that trip. I was happy to go back as it gave me a chance to capture some shots that didn’t turn out in the first round.

I could easily live in Akka. What a city.



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