Israel: A Photographic Journey {Part VII | Farewell to Haifa}

Today marks our final night in Haifa, so these will be the last photos of this leg of the journey.

We began the morning with a final trip to Bahji to visit the Shrine of Baha’u’llah, where I experienced the only stain on what was otherwise a picture perfect trip (get it?).

I won’t go into the details of that experience but I was left with an intense spiritual anger I could not shake. That, coupled with the deep sadness over our imminent departure from Haifa, this city thay I have just fallen in love with, made for a very brooding, Hamlet-esque kind of day.

I spent a little over three hours upon our return to Haifa on foot searching for a the edge of the sea. I found it, but couldn’t find a way to actually get down to the beach. A heavy construction zone. Luckily, I already have about 5lbs of Mediterranean Sea shells secured from Akka.

I did also find a mountain cable car trolley lift that carries three suspended globes of passengers up and down the mountain. Those are a couple of good shots.

The Baha’i World Centre terraces were left open until 11PM however, so I was finally able to capture my first (and last) night shots of this spectacular feat of engineering, design, and horticulture.

But alas, due to the emotional fog hanging over me, I did not get my National Geographic cover for the day. At least I don’t feel I did. You may disagree.

Tomorrow, we go to Tel Aviv for one night and then back to the real world.

I’ll see what Tel Aviv has to offer photographically in the next and what will be the final post in this series.

For now, enjoy Part VII. And thank you all so much for the likes and shares of the previous posts and for simply following my journey through this amazing country.

If you find any photos particularly striking or appallingly bad, please comment below.


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