Encore Theatre Company Returns!

The Encore Theatre Company is back from the dead!

After a prolonged hiatus, we will finally make a triumphant return to the stage beginning April 10 with a production of Abraham Lincoln Goes to the Theatre by Quebecois playwright Larry Tremblay.


Inspired by the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, a compelling but narcissistic director who hires two actors to impersonate Laurel and Hardy, and then forces them to re-enact the events of the plot over and over again, in ever tightening spirals of slapstick abuse and paranoia. What follows is an unforgettable mystery that tears at the very political fabric of North America: at once so beautiful and so ugly. Lauded as “biting but eloquent social commentary” by the Calgary Herald and a play “as multilayered as its characters” by the Globe & Mail, this dynamically physical piece of theatre is a return to form for Encore.

One of the many hats I wear as Artistic Director of Encore is that of chief communications/marketing/video production/graphic design/social media dude. And so, here is a YouTube spot I produced starring our marvellous cast:


The video was shot on my Canon EOS Rebel T3i with a Rokinon 35MM Cine T1.5 prime. Post was done in Premiere Pro with VFX in After Effects and graphics in Photoshop. Special thanks to our stage manager Jocelyn Dotta for her badass grip work with the light reflector on this shoot.

Our production is directed by Encore founding artist Jenny Hazelton and stars Daniel Aubin, Rick Duthie, and Will Himsl. The play is translated from its original French by Chantal Bilodeau.

We’re on stage at the Verve Theatre (178 Elm Street, Sudbury) April 10-18. For tickets, go to encoreabelincoln.eventbrite.ca.


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